Blame Your Brain

Have you ever found a typo or two even after you’ve gone through multiple self-edits? I know I have, and nothing is more frustrating than finding silly mistakes after carefully going through the text three or four times. There is a reason for this madness, and it has to do with the way your brain works.

You Need an Editor

That’s why it’s important to hire an editor to proofread your work for typos and grammar faux-pas — especially if you’re a self-published author. There is nothing more humiliating than receiving negative reviews because your novel is filled with easily correctable mistakes. Moreover, it can hurt your reputation as an author and reduce your bottom line.

Why Choose Article Right Editing?

I have ten years of experience in professionally editing and writing content. I am college-educated, I know my stuff, and I can back it up with proof.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Find and fix typos and misspelled words
  • Find and fix grammatical errors
  • Make changes, as necessary, to improve flow and smooth transitions
  • Check for inconsistencies in spelling, hyphenation, fonts, etc.

Let your readers enjoy your writing without the distraction of typos or comma splices.  Contact me for an affordable quote.